What are the best online buying options in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, just like any other country, online marketing is becoming more and more common. Buying online is not as common as in European countries yet, though, because not everyone has access to the internet (lack of literacy and lack of facilities…). However, online sales are literally booming. The trend to buy online may have started later in Pakistan, but the speed at which it is developing is mind-blowing. This gives a lot of opportunities to investors and online marketers.

Here is an overview of the best options for buying online in Pakistan:

  • pk: this website has almost everything you could think of. From home appliances to women’s clothing to decoration… it just has everything. What makes this option great is that it often sells things that are not available in stores. When you talk about online shopping in Pakistan, daraz.pk is certainly the first website you will think of.
  • com: it is popularly used to sell and buy women’s clothing, men’s clothing, mobiles and tablets, but also tickets for events, etc.
  • pk: it is one of the pioneers in the field of online marketing. This website is known for its good pricing policy and its Facebook page has more than 250.000 likes (Facebook likes are an indicator of the website’s quality).
  • com: this website focuses on electronics and gadgets, mainly. You will easily find a great variety of laptops, notebooks, mobiles, tablets, cameras, televisions, desktop computers, printers, etc. on the website.
  • pk: this website is more of a general website. It sells everything from electronics to fashion, etc. the advantage here is that you are home delivered on demand.
  • com: ishopping is another general website that sales everything that you may not be able to find easily in stores in Pakistan. If you are trying to find a luggage scale for example, chances are that you will have to walk around in quite a few stores before finding one.

It is precisely when you need some sort of gadget or uncommon thing that you realize the advantages of buying online in Pakistan.

Apart from general websites, that sell everything and anything, you also have plenty of established brands that have invested considerable amounts of effort and money on their online marketing strategies recently. Women’s fashion is a very prosperous field in which great goals are being achieved by brands such as Khaadi, NishatLinen, Generation and so many others. The quality of their websites can be compared, without any exaggeration, to the quality of foreign websites.

Also, one really positive thing about online buying in Pakistan is that it offers a great variety of payment facilities, the most convenient one being the COD. The COD, or cash on delivery, is something that you tend not to find abroad. Mostly, people tend to pay with visa cards, etc. But in Pakistan, knowing that the population is only beginning to enter the world of online buying, it is a genius idea to offer people the possibility to pay when they get physically delivered. It will only increase the relationship of trust between online buyers and online sellers in Pakistan.

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