Twitter Updates its Policies Regarding Accounts and Content Sharing Rules

twitter update

In the past few months, Twitter has been putting a lot of effort into its website. As we all aware of Twitter and all the other social media websites, we know it is very easy to create fake profiles, to impersonate someone, or to spread hate or negativity through some fake account. Twitter in the recent months, took an account of it and increased its efforts in removing spam or fake profiles permanently from its website because Twitter seeks to stop spreading some fake or false news through its website.

The very first thing it did to was that it deleted all the accounts that were very much inactive or those having zero followers. Twitter is keeping an eye on all the spam accounts and its working very hard to remove all such kind of accounts from its roots.

Twitter has now set some new sets of rules and policies just like Instagram. However, there are many sources to get Instagram followers that looks like real and legit. Still the rules for twitter are different. These rules are going to have some effects on anyone creating a new account. A person should meet some criteria before account creation. And, to those people who violate the terms and policies of Twitter, they shall never be able to make an account on Twitter again.

Twitter’s Definition of Fake Accounts

The Twitter has been working on the fake accounts. According to Twitter, they are still updating new rules on how they identify a fake account. And, what are those activities that leads to the violation of their terms and policies. Twitter says that it will not only remove fake accounts, but also those accounts that are occupied with disturbing and harmful behaviors. Twitter’s definition of a fake account is the one having a copied profile picture, a copied bio, and a completely deceptive profile information and location.


Twitter’s Terms and Policies regarding Impersonation

According to Twitter, if two or more accounts have common names, that does not comes under impersonation. Impersonating the other person means completely copying their avatar, bio, information, location, profile name, tweets, etc. If the person shares the same name but other information, location, or other profile related things are different, those accounts won’t get deleted. If any person impersonates the other person in every manner, then it will come under the violation of rules.

Suspended accounts will not be able to create a new account

Another big problem is that even after the account gets suspended for violating the rules, the person can still open the website and make new account. No one can stop a person from making new accounts again and again. According to the updated policies, an account that has previously been suspended because of violation of rules shall not be able to make a new account again. They note their entity, and repeatedly delete the accounts having that entity. They keep in account the IP address. Accounts made with the same IP address gets suspended. The biggest problem faced today is the hacking of accounts. Hackers can easily hack the accounts and expose important data or information. Twitter is still working on this problem.

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