How to treat multiple hairs in one follicle

Have you ever noticed that you have multiple hairs in one follicle while shaving your legs? It is very common in men and maybe you associate it to shaving. But the good thing is that shaving is the cause of this condition at all. In fact, you may have more than two hairs in single follicle the whole life. In this post, you will discover that how you can deal with it and how can you prevent or minimize this condition. Let’s delve into it.

How to Deal with It

If you don’t take it seriously then you don’t need to treat this condition. But if you have ever noticed some infection due to multiple follicles then you must consult your dermatologist for treatment. The following treatment will help you get rid of this condition.


Most of the people try to pluck the hair from the follicle when they have this condition. But these hairs are likely to be harder when you pluck them in future as they as deep roots than normal hairs. It is possible that you may have more multiple hairs in one follicle in coming days.


Shaving is very common yet temporary treatment when your hairs grow in. But it is very helpful when it comes to reducing the occurrence of folliculitis and infections.


Electrolysis is the effectual way when it comes to permanently treat your multiple hair follicles. But it is a very expensive treatment especially when the condition is prevalent. And, there is no proven medical research that shows this way is effectual for the permanent removal of multiple follicles.


Some studies find that cryosurgery is an effective method to remove the hair follicles permanently.

How Can You Prevent It?

This condition can’t be deterred when it is familial or genetic. On the other hand, if you have infection and irritation then you try the following precautionary measures to minimize the damage of hair follicles.

Try to lessen regular hair treatments:

If you want to prevent this condition then keep your hair treatments to a minutest including hair straightening, hair dyes, hard brushing, heat tools, and permanent hair treatments. They can cause the scalp skin and hair follicles to rough.

Avoid isotretinoin

Avoid the medication and acitretin that are used for the aging and acne skin treatment. They can also cause the disruption of the hair follicles’ functionality. Use it when necessary.

Avoid sun

Cover your head you go out as sunlight can damage your hair follicles. It also increases the sweating that can cause the blockage of ducts that leads to infections.

Use mild products for sensitive skin

You should use gentle products for hair as soaps, conditioners, lotion, and shampoos can irritate the hair follicles that cause the infection and inflammation.

Keep hair short

To manage this problem, keep your hair short and wear short hairstyles to avoid more weight. The heat and weight can irritate your hair follicles.


Hope, you enjoy the incredible journey! Follow these tips treat multiple hairs in one follicle and let us know your opinion.

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