How to overcome height phobia or fear instantly?

Do you have a height phobia? Well, we are all humans and there are many imperfections in us. While we might be brave individuals with a good heart, there are things that one may fear of. Height phobia is a common condition in which a person is afraid of heights and avoids going to places that are above ground level. Starting from avoiding the roof tops and open high spaces all the way to the even spaces that are at height but closed such as higher floors in a building, it all depends on how extreme your fear is. Here, we will discuss on how one can overcome his fear of heights.

Understand your fear and face it

Start by determining what triggers your fear. Think of what it is exactly that initiates that feeling of fear within your body. There can be various elements such as going to high places and even thinking about it. Certain psychological changes may appear as the thoughts come to your mind. And one can only know this if he or she sits down and start analyzing that what it is that actually initiates the feeling.

Increased sweating, higher blood pressure, and faster heartbeats are certain things that one may experience when the psychological changes occur. It can be any harm you might have had in your childhood due to which the feeling comes to your mind. Just relax yourself and face the truth of your fear as embracing it and exposing yourself to it are the first few steps of overcoming it.

Try therapy

Head over to therapy and don’t limit yourself to your personal concerns. Many people think that they would come under spotlight as they are going to a psychologist or a psychiatrist and certain individuals find shame in it. This is perfectly alright because we all have mental troubles and it is not something that you should shy about. Find a good therapist and see if you can find solution to your problem.

Moreover, learn about anxiety and fear controlling techniques. Teach yourself about how one has to be calm even when the situation is nerve wrecking.


There are certain medicines that can be prescribed to patients that have specific phobic disorders. Find a consultant and talk to the medical expert about the medication that may help in overcoming your problems. Do note that these solutions may help you in slowing down the anxiety but the underlying psychological problem won’t be thrown away with it.

Don’t believe on myths

There are several myths that you must be careful about. For instance, that suggestion your friend might have given you about jumping in to the deep end and having a rollercoaster ride or sky dive may not solve the problem. In fact, such activities may enhance the fear. Moreover, if someone tells you that it is alright to stick with some fears, well, simply tell them that you are stronger than these fears. Never let acrophobia or any such condition restrict you from giving your 100% in any activity.


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