Causes of nausea and headache in first trimester of pregnancy

It is very common for the women to have nausea and headache in the first trimester of their pregnancy. This is normal for the pregnant ladies, so ladies stop worrying about the nausea and headache if you are in the first few weeks of your pregnancy. The women who have the problem of migraine may get some time off of the migraine attack during pregnancy while for the normal women; it can be their first experience to get a migraine while they are pregnant.

It is mainly because the chemistry is altered in the body of a pregnant woman and the hormonal change may cause you feel the nausea and severe headache like migraine, which is a new thing for the body. But in the second trimester, the body of the pregnant ladies get used to of the changes in the hormones and it gets stabilizes with the altered chemistry so they get a relief from the nausea and headaches they may get while in the first trimester.

Causes of nausea and headaches

It is an interesting fact that the health experts do not exactly know the real causes of the headache and the nausea for women in their first trimester of the pregnancy. But they believe that the headache and nausea has something to do with the hormonal changes that are happening in the body of a pregnant lady which makes her feel nausea and causes headache and restlessness. This is common in the pregnant ladies and they should not get worried about this problem. Another reason of the nausea and headache could be the increased blood flow and the elevated circulation system which is observed most of the time in the first trimester of the pregnancy that may cause you to feel all these symptoms. Also, in the early pregnancy, the doctors may suggest you to eat healthy and cut caffeine and some other foods, the sudden change in the diet may also cause you to feel the headaches and nausea while in the first trimester of your pregnancy.

Some of the other causes that may be the reason of the frequent headache and nausea could be; the lack of sleep, dehydration, depression, stress, hunger, or any kind of allergies.

In the first trimester, the mum to be deals with a great stress and often faces depression about the upcoming special event of having a baby, her delivery, and the health of the child. This stress may lead to anxiety and by this a pregnant lady may face the headaches and nausea. Also, this stress and tension may not let her sleep well in the night; lack of sleep is also a big cause of nausea and headache. Some of the women in their pregnancy and the stress could not give attention to their diet and they may often stay hungry throughout the day. Also they stay dehydrated and this is also a reason of getting headaches and nausea.

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